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Diana Chow

Diana Chow

I am Diana Chow. In September of 2013, I began my journey at CrossFit Maximum Capacity. I wanted to lose weight for my best friend's wedding. In my mind, being healthy meant being skinny. That is definitely not the case. I love getting stronger and seeing my muscles develop over time. The number on the scale did not matter to me anymore.

Once I started setting personal records, I knew this was something that I truly loved. I wanted to go to CFMC as often as I could to better myself. My favorite part of CrossFit is weightlifting. I love all of the encouragement from other members of the box when you're giving 200% in a WOD or setting a new PR on a lift.

I want to continue being that support system for others in hopes that he/she will enjoy love CrossFit as much as I do.

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